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- Posted 11/18/15.
At our last monthly business meeting on 11/16/15, our committee unanimously adopted two resolutions. The first, Resolution 2015.04, expresses a desire for a new Virginia Senate Majority Leader.  (We have also provided links to online news articles that support some of the information contained in this resolution.)  The second, Resolution 2015.05, expresses the Committee’s strong opinion that the “Syrian” refugee resettlement program should be halted in the US!  We encourage everyone to read these resolutions at the links below and then call any of your elected representatives you deem appropriate to add your voice to ours!  Note that a vote for a new Majority Leader in the Virginia Senate imay occur as early as Thursday, 11/19/15; so time is of the essence on this particular issue!
Supporting sources for some of the information contained in the above resolution:


- Updated 11/13/15 @ 11:45pm.

*                                   THE RED-GREEN AXIS                               *
*   Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America   *
Our committee has recently become aware of a GREAT study titled "THE RED-GREEN AXIS: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America", by Jim Simpson.  This study discusses the collaborative partnership between the Muslim Brotherhood and socialist/communist radicals and has been published by the Center for Security Policy.  The entire report can be read or downloaded using the link below.  A presentation will be made on this subject by our Chairman, Ed Yensho, at our next monthly meeting on Monday, 11/16/15, at 7pm.  The location of the meeting will be the usual place, the Greene County Courthouse.  Please plan to join us and learn more about this very important issue!!

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